RVSM, Transponder, Altimeters & Altitude Reporting


The CAR's have been changed, and the Full System Integration Check of Transponder/Encoder Systems, including Mode S coding, is now required every 2 years as installed in the aircraft. Bench-level certifications alone no longer meet the requirements for system certification.

This requirement now parallels the FAA requirements in this area. Mid-Canada Mod Center is fully capable of performing RVSM Air Data recertification, in addition to conventional 2-year Pitot-Static and XPDR/Encoder System Integration Testing & Recertification.

The IFR certifications consist of testing the aircrafts static system, the transponder, and certifying the altimeter and encoder. This certification is required to be performed every two years. In most cases, the altimeter must be removed from the aircraft or disconnected from the static system to be properly tested.

We also recertify aircraft equipped with Garmin G1000 & Avidyne PFD and RVSM systems. The complete system recertification normally requires three to four hours to complete.

We provide on-site service.

Contact our CYYZ Toronto or CYKF Breslau Service Departments for on-site pricing and scheduling.