If you intent to fly your aircraft into US controlled airspace in 2020, you will need to upgrade your transponder equipment to ADS-B by January 1, 2020. ADS-B makes use of GPS technology to determine and share aircraft location information and stream additional flight information to the cockpits of properly equipped aircraft.

ADS-B OUT transmits altitude, airspeed, and GPS derived location from a properly equipped aircraft to ADS-B ground stations and to other aircraft in the vicinity. Air traffic controllers use the information to see ADS-B equipped aircraft in real time.

ADS-B IN, is not part of the mandate and requires additional equipment. ADS-B IN adds a significant benefit to the pilot by providing traffic and weather information derived from ADS-B ground stations and nearby aircraft. ADS-B IN information can be displayed in the cockpit to improve safety and situational awareness.

DIVERSITY requires that your aircraft is equipped with both top and bottom mount antennas. This is to help prevent target drop out during turns and maneuvers. An optional top mounted antenna also provides a benefit during ground operations.

Europe requires that all existing aircraft weighing greater than 5,700 kg (12,500 lbs.) or having max cruise speed greater than 250 kts TAS will need ADS‑B 1090ES “Out” with diversity by June 7, 2020.

For Canada, diversity is a real possibility. If/When Nav Canada implements Aireon (Space-Based ADS-B) then Diversity will be a requirement.

For US customers, take advantage of the US exchange rate and $ave money by having your ADS-B installation completed in Canada by Kitchener Aero.

Many ADS-B products are available. We have featured just a few. To find out the best option for your aircraft, please Contact Us for more information.

L3 AVIATION PRODUCTS - Offers a number of ADS-B solutions. The NGT-9000 is available with:

  • ADS-B In/Out
  • Mode S ES Transponder
  • Embedded GPS-WAAS
  • Touch Screen Display
  • MFD Display Interface
  • Traffic: ADS-B, ADS-R, TIS-B
  • Weather (FIS-B)
  • Wi-Fi Interface Module to iPad Apps
  • Diversity
  • Embedded L-3 NextGen Active Traffic

GARMIN - Offers a number of ADS-B solutions. The GTX 345 is available with:

  • ADS-B In/Out
  • Mode S ES Transponder
  • Optional WAAS/GPS position source
  • Wirelessly stream weather, traffic, GPS position and backup attitude via Connext® link to Garmin Pilot™ and ForeFlight Mobile apps as well as the aera® 795/796 portables.

TRIG - Offers a number of ADS-B solutions. The TT22 is one of the world’s smallest and lightest Mode S certified GA transponder available. The TT22 offers:

  • ADS-B Out Only
  • Mode S ES Transponder
  • Integrated altitude encoder